St. John Fisher Roman Catholic Church

30 Jones Hollow Road, Marlborough, CT 06447

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Introduction - Christmas Concert
Sheri Dursin

1.5 MB 1:29 min
download Somebody's Knockin'
Genesis Choir

2.3 MB 2:16 min
download Introduction to The Yearning
Sheri Dursin

0.5 MB 0:30 min
download The Yearning
Worship Choir

3.6 MB 3:32 min
download Summer Singer's Intro
Kathleen Filosa

0.8 MB 0:47 min
download Standin' In the Need of Prayer
Summer Singer's

2.8 MB 2:44 min
download Christ Be Our Light
Summer Singer's

2.7 MB 2:40 min
download Why Me Lord
Summer Singer's

2.6 MB 2:31 min
download Go Tell It On The Mountain
Summer Singer's

2.4 MB 2:20 min
download People Look East
Worship Choir

3.2 MB 3:08 min
download Christmastime Introduction
Sheri Dursin

0.4 MB 0:22 min
download Christmastime
Worship Choir

2.8 MB 2:47 min
download Gesu Bambino
Sandy Sholtis & Donna Moore

4.6 MB 4:25 min
download Just a Girl
Melanie Cama & Donna Moore

4.9 MB 4:37 min
download Our Lullaby
Genesis Choir

2.1 MB 2:03 min
download Born in Bethlehem
Genesis Choir

3.9 MB 3:40 min
download Hope Was Born This Night
Genesis Choir

4 MB 3:47 min
download Introduction - Child of Peace & Love
Sheri Dursin

0.5 MB 0:30 min
download Child of Peace and Love
Worship Choir

3.2 MB 3:04 min
download Christmas Sanctus
Worship Choir

4.3 MB 4:12 min
download Introduction - Immanuel
Sheri Dursin

0.2 MB 0:12 min
download Immanuel
Worship Choir

4.6 MB 4:29 min
download All Is Well
Worship Choir

4.4 MB 4:17 min
download Christmas Medley

3.4 MB 3:08 min

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