Paolo Veronese The resurrection of Christ   1570Paolo Veronese - The resurrection of ChristIn the Gospel of Matthew, we find an awe-inspiring account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, an event that stands as the cornerstone of the Christian faith and the ultimate triumph over death and despair. This profound narrative unfolds with the dawn of the first day of the week, as Mary Magdalene and another Mary journey to the tomb where Jesus had been laid to rest.

Their purpose is to pay their respects to the one they loved and revered, unaware of the extraordinary events that would unfold before their eyes. As they approach the tomb, they are met with a scene of divine grandeur – a great earthquake shakes the ground, and an angel of the Lord descends from heaven, his appearance radiant as lightning and his clothing white as snow.

The guards stationed at the tomb, overwhelmed with fear at the angel's presence, become like dead men, struck immobile by the awe-inspiring sight before them. The angel, recognizing the women's apprehension, offers words of comfort and reassurance, saying, "Do not be afraid! I know that you are seeking Jesus the crucified. He is not here, for he has been raised just as he said."

With these words, the angel proclaims the miraculous truth of Jesus' resurrection, fulfilling the promise he had made to his disciples during his earthly ministry. The women are invited to behold the empty tomb, the tangible evidence of Jesus' victory over death, and are entrusted with a divine mission – to go quickly and proclaim the good news of his resurrection to the disciples.

Filled with a mixture of fear and joy, the women hasten away from the tomb to fulfill their mission, their hearts ablaze with the wondrous news they have received. And as they journey, they are met by Jesus himself, who greets them with words of comfort and assurance: "Do not be afraid."

In this encounter with the risen Christ, their fear is transformed into joy, their sorrow into hope, as they embrace his feet and offer him homage. Jesus, in turn, commissions them to carry his message of resurrection and hope to his disciples, instructing them to go to Galilee, where they will see him once again.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a moment of profound significance, marking the culmination of God's redemptive plan for humanity and the assurance of eternal life for all who believe in him. It is a source of hope and joy for believers, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the light of Christ shines brightly, dispelling fear and ushering in new life and hope.

As we reflect on the resurrection narrative, may we be inspired by the courage and faith of Mary Magdalene and the other women, who were chosen to bear witness to this miraculous event. May we, like them, be filled with awe and wonder at the reality of Jesus' resurrection, and may we go forth with boldness and joy to share this life-transforming truth with the world.

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